Class 2 – Monday, Sept. 28

Assignments due on Monday, October 5th, 2015:

  1. Record at least 10 people responding to one of the following questions: What did you think of the lunar eclipse? or What did you think of the Pope’s visit to NYC? or What kind of president do you think Donald Trump would be? (OR just write your own question on one of the three topics – the lunar eclipse, the Pope’s visit or a possible Donald Trump presidency. Just PICK ONE QUESTION. Be sure to ask people the same question, the same way. Be sure to record at least 1 minute of ambience. Then listen to your tape and do a rough log (here’s an example of a log here). Edit a vox together in ProTools using your favorite responses to the question. Your final vox should be about 30 seconds to 90 seconds MAX. Please put the final vox on Network Share (along with the log) and label it like this: 20151002_Vox_Aronczyk.wav
  2. Please read the This American Life comic book – I’ve emailed you a copy, please let me know if you don’t have it.

What does a tape log look like?

The key is to mark what time you’ll find the tape (so great tape at 2:23). It’s also a good idea to add as many details as possible – you might want to pull this tape in ten years, and a helpful log will always save you time.

Here’s an example:

Earthquake Vox Pop Log

NYC, 40th Street (in front of the Times Square Subway Stop)

August 24, 2011

Firstname Lastname


Track 1 (Father and Son)

0:00: Q: Where were you

0:02: On subway , didn’t know it happened

0:05: Q: What was your reaction

0:08: pretty surprised, think of them happening in more mountainous areas or in the south


Track 2 (same people)

0:00: Q: Are you guys from NY?

0:04: We’re from Atlanta


Track 3 (same people) This is my best tape. They’re all wearing NYC Apple t-shirts, dad is holding a subway map upside down. They are so excited about the earthquake!

0:00: Q: What are you doing in NY?

0:04: son: It’s fun, lots of sights to see

(father repeats my question)

0:08: son : acting

0:13: Child expressing his surprise (mimicking father’s sentiment), “I said really? In NY? I wouldn’t think of an earthquake in NY!”

0:24 Q: Do you ever get earthquakes in Atlanta?

0:25 No, never.


Track 4 (2 teenage girls)

0:00 : Q: Where were you?

0:05 : In subway, I think we were in the Subway

0:12 : Really scared, first year in NY, I thought earthquakes were supposed to be in California

0:22: (friend speaking) Felt the same way, wondering when and where

0:29: Q: Do you know anyone who was affected by earthquake?

0:32 : I don’t

0:33: (friend speaking) At the bookstore she works at books fell off the shelf


Track 5 (Man from Peru)

0:00: Q: What do you think about the earthquake?

0:05: I speak a little English I’m sorry

0:07: (repeat question)

0:12: Ah I feel it, I feel it

0:14: Q: Where were you

0:16: In my room watching TV

0:21: Q: Did anything happen?

0:25: What’d you say?

0:27: Q:(repeats question)

0:33: Felt my bed move a little (makes moving sound effects)

0:44: Television “FLASH FLASH” earthquake right now

0:47: oh my god, me wake up, go outside to the street for security

0:53: Q: How did you feel? We’re you frightened

0:55: In my country, every two months there is an earthquake, here, 1st time. I’m here 17 years, no problem.

1:06: Q: Where are you from?

1:09: From Peru, South America

1:10: Q: There’s a lot of earthquakes there?

1:11: Yes.

1:14: Q. What do you do in your country when there is an earthquake?

1:16: What you say?

1:17: Q: (repeats question)

1:36: In my country it’s dangerous, everybody afraid, please God stop it, here, nothing.


Track 6 (Construction Worker)

0:00: Q: Where were you?

0:02: Right over here working

0:04: Q: And you didn’t feel anything?

0:05: No.   LOG CONTINUES……

Class 1 – Monday, Sept. 21

Assignments due Monday, September 28th, 2015:

  1. Please find WNYC 93.9FM on the radio or online – listen to at least one story in its entirety. If you don’t have a radio, you can stream it online. What did you hear? What did you like? What didn’t you like? What got your attention?
  2. This I Believe: Students should write their own “This I Believe” essay. It should be between 60-90 seconds, approximately 150-250 words. Write the essay, then take out the equipment and record yourself reading it. Make sure the sound is okay on the file, if not, record it again. Put the final file on Network Share under “Fall 2015 // Courses // Fundamentals in Multimedia // Aronczyk” folder. Please label your file like this: 20150928_ThisIBelieve_LastName.wav
  3. Please read the Scott Simon article, “Writing for the Ear”

What we listened to/watched: