Class 2 – Monday, Sept. 28

Assignments due on Monday, October 5th, 2015:

  1. Record at least 10 people responding to one of the following questions: What did you think of the lunar eclipse? or What did you think of the Pope’s visit to NYC? or What kind of president do you think Donald Trump would be? (OR just write your own question on one of the three topics – the lunar eclipse, the Pope’s visit or a possible Donald Trump presidency. Just PICK ONE QUESTION. Be sure to ask people the same question, the same way. Be sure to record at least 1 minute of ambience. Then listen to your tape and do a rough log (here’s an example of a log here). Edit a vox together in ProTools using your favorite responses to the question. Your final vox should be about 30 seconds to 90 seconds MAX. Please put the final vox on Network Share (along with the log) and label it like this: 20151002_Vox_Aronczyk.wav
  2. Please read the This American Life comic book – I’ve emailed you a copy, please let me know if you don’t have it.