Class 3 – Monday, Oct. 5

NOTE: There’s no class on Monday, Oct 12th.

Assignments due on Monday, October 19th, 2015:

  • Complete a one-on-one interview. Find someone you don’t already know and interview them about their work. Try to find some compelling and surprising stories and details about their job. The interview should last between least 15-25 minutes. Be sure to ask lots of questions including: what does the future hold for their job? We will use their responses for a short news story. You do not need to hand in the whole interview.
  • Pull 5 or 6 cuts from your interview that you really like. Each cut should be between 10-30 second. Put the cuts up on the Network Share (the folder is called “Jobs”)
  • FOR THE NEWSCAST ON OCT. 19TH: Come to class with three ideas for news we should cover in our newscast. It can be big or small, and at least one idea should be about something happening in NYC that evening.
  • Bring your charged cellphone to the class and your dinner

What we listened to in-class:

Tips for Interviewing

  • Prepare your questions
  • Write a lot, weed out the ones that don’t matter
  • Put them in order
  • Make sure you have the ones you need near the top
  • Put the truly difficult ones at the end
  • Arrive a bit early, dress appropriately, bring extra batteries
  • Tell them the rules of the game: how long you’ll record, how much you’ll use, feel free to say whatever you want, you can also say something again
  • Ask them their name, their title, a short title, how to pronounce and spell their name
  • Make sure you listen
  • Ask them to explain, ask them again
  • Ask the questions that the listener are thinking
  • Don’t let them hold the mic! Ever!
  • Feel free to steer subject back to the subject that matters
  • Try to maintain eye contact, don’t go “uh huh”
  • Bring paper & pen – write down Qs that come up
  • Look at your questions, anything you missed? Anything you should ask again?
  • Anything I should have asked?
  • Room tone / ambi – at least 30 seconds – if it’s a noisy room get a minute of ambi

Good luck!