Class 4 – Monday, October 19

Congrats on two successful newscasts, everyone! We’ll listen to the shows in class next week.

For next week’s class, please do the following:

  • DO THIS FIRST: read and listen to the clips in the Nancy Updike manifesto (Pt 1 and Pt 2) on Transom.
  • NOW DO THIS: Write your story. Thank you for your audio clips from your work interview. Now write a short feature using your work interview.  You should have already picked your favorite tape. Next step is to write a story using some of that tape. You should use at least 3 cuts, but the story needs to be a good balance between tape and script.
  • Next class you should hand in just a SCRIPT of your story. Your script should be an EXACT transcription of your story and all of your cuts should be transcribed. Read it aloud – it needs to be between 1:30 and 2 min.
  • Here’s an EXAMPLE from a student from two years ago.

** DO NOT LEAVE THIS ASSIGNMENT TO THE LAST MINUTE! It sounds straightforward, but is more time consuming than you think. Get your script done first and make sure you leave a few days to get the mix together too. **