Class 5 – Monday, October 26

You’re not going to believe this.

Our next class is on Monday, November 2nd and it is our last class together. Midway through class you’ll be moving from audio to video until the end of the semester. So sad!

But if you love radio, theres’s a 15-week class in the spring semester called Radio News Writing & Reporting. It’s also the pre-req for the podcast class – a class for people who want to make a weekly show. And there’s also more to learn and listen to here.

Assignments due next class (Nov 2) –

  • Write and record a short feature using your work interview.  You should have already picked your favorite tape. You’ve written a script. Now record yourself reading the story and edit it together in ProTools. You should use at least 3 AX, and the story needs to be a good balance between tape and script.
  • Next class you should hand in a WAV file of your story onto Network Share. It needs to be between 2 min – 3 min. No shorter, no longer. You should also hand in a script (here’s an example). ** You can have a host intro or not, your choice **
  • Please read “Common Newswriting Errors” – I’ll email it to you.