What does a tape log look like?

The key is to mark what time you’ll find the tape (so great tape at 2:23). It’s also a good idea to add as many details as possible – you might want to pull this tape in ten years, and a helpful log will always save you time.

Here’s an example:

Earthquake Vox Pop Log

NYC, 40th Street (in front of the Times Square Subway Stop)

August 24, 2011

Firstname Lastname



Track 1 (Father and Son)

0:00: Q: Where were you

0:02: On subway , didn’t know it happened

0:05: Q: What was your reaction

0:08: pretty surprised, think of them happening in more mountainous areas or in the south


Track 2 (same people)

0:00: Q: Are you guys from NY?

0:04: We’re from Atlanta


Track 3 (same people) This is my best tape. They’re all wearing NYC Apple t-shirts, dad is holding a subway map upside down. They are so excited about the earthquake!

0:00: Q: What are you doing in NY?

0:04: son: It’s fun, lots of sights to see

(father repeats my question)

0:08: son : acting

0:13: Child expressing his surprise (mimicking father’s sentiment), “I said really? In NY? I wouldn’t think of an earthquake in NY!”

0:24 Q: Do you ever get earthquakes in Atlanta?

0:25 No, never.


Track 4 (2 teenage girls)

0:00 : Q: Where were you?

0:05 : In subway, I think we were in the Subway

0:12 : Really scared, first year in NY, I thought earthquakes were supposed to be in California

0:22: (friend speaking) Felt the same way, wondering when and where

0:29: Q: Do you know anyone who was affected by earthquake?

0:32 : I don’t

0:33: (friend speaking) At the bookstore she works at books fell off the shelf


Track 5 (Man from Peru)

0:00: Q: What do you think about the earthquake?

0:05: I speak a little English I’m sorry

0:07: (repeat question)

0:12: Ah I feel it, I feel it

0:14: Q: Where were you

0:16: In my room watching TV

0:21: Q: Did anything happen?

0:25: What’d you say?

0:27: Q:(repeats question)

0:33: Felt my bed move a little (makes moving sound effects)

0:44: Television “FLASH FLASH” earthquake right now

0:47: oh my god, me wake up, go outside to the street for security

0:53: Q: How did you feel? We’re you frightened

0:55: In my country, every two months there is an earthquake, here, 1st time. I’m here 17 years, no problem.

1:06: Q: Where are you from?

1:09: From Peru, South America

1:10: Q: There’s a lot of earthquakes there?

1:11: Yes.

1:14: Q. What do you do in your country when there is an earthquake?

1:16: What you say?

1:17: Q: (repeats question)

1:36: In my country it’s dangerous, everybody afraid, please God stop it, here, nothing.


Track 6 (Construction Worker)

0:00: Q: Where were you?

0:02: Right over here working

0:04: Q: And you didn’t feel anything?

0:05: No.   LOG CONTINUES……